I travelled 8.000 tragic km to kiss u

By Malcriada on 23:47

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A- He loves you totally, tenderly, tragically.
B-Me too Paul, I don´t know.
A-I saw you earlier when he kissed you
B-I know.
A-Why don´t you love me anymore?
B-That´s life.
A-Why do you despise me?
B-I´ll never tell you that,even to save my own life.
A-I´ve watched you for 5 minutes, I feel I´ve never seen you before.
B-I will never forgive you, I loved you so much, It´s too late now, I hate you because you´re unable to move me.

A- Camille!!!!

[ella se ahogo en el océano, mientras trataba de huir de él]

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hermosa foto abajo, en cual de mis programas de televisión me viste joi joi joi?

Posted on 14/11/07 9:55  

te amo, lore. that's life.

Posted on 14/11/07 11:24  

me acordé de lo que dice calladamente una gota que salta del océano y cae en la cara de w.whitman:

i have travel'd a long way merely to look on you to touch you...

Posted on 18/11/07 9:38