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You were wearing those blue ones
I was a sex candidate of your fuckbook
never a candy date

a sexmate
your sexgame
a sexmate
burnin´ the sexgame

Satan lover
porno gorer
I was the pagan love performer

never a candy date
your sexmate
only a candidate
faking a sexgame

drastic and sarcastic
Satan lover
I was the pagan love performer.

Ensayo sobre una noche húmeda de verano ó canción de rockandroll sin acento asexuada en YO mayor.


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Because when you fuck me you are loving me and I am owning you...

Posted on 03/07/08 13:09  

love will tear your skin...


Posted on 05/07/08 23:18  

que penetrante y profudo.

Posted on 15/07/08 10:12