Stay Sick

stay sick my kick
remember when we use to dance till midnight
naked, bleeding
all the pills and all the wine
all the good fucks at yer tiny bed
you spitting on me

stay sick stronger you
remember all the glam
all the sadness
every minute holding hands

just like feeded guns

stay sick my love
each time we puke
each single kiss
all the music we use to love
and all the times we fell down

remember my stupid drawings at yer pink walls
remember our sick-sick way of love

stay sick now, stay sick forever
dont you be cured

remember each word, each hurt
i remember the pain
i still love it
stay sick you fucking dead
im dying here about yer sickness

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me gusta el motivo pegajoso y chirriante: [ei-i-ai-i]. le va bien al tono peticional, regañón, medio desangrado.

creo que es una rola y un poema.

Posted on 31/10/07 21:30  


Posted on 01/11/07 14:27  

me encanta
salio en ingles pero salio padre
estas bien padre!

Posted on 04/11/07 20:27